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A summary of Hugh Laurie's and Robert Sean Leonard's opinions of House / WilsonHugh Laurie (from pretty much the beginning): Yeah, they're in love
RSL: They aren't... I don't think... I mean... What if... [final arc happens] Okay, okay, they're in love!

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I remember watching House MD with my dad when i was little and thinking that House and Cuddy would make a good pair. Rewatching a few years later has made me realize i was completely wrong-House is clearly gay for Wilson they are the American doctor version of Johnlock and it hurts

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I ship it.

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House M.D.

Unplanned Parenthood

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House week

Day 4 - Favorite Friendship  HILSON

↳ Because you’re not as big a jerk as everyone thinks 

    - yes i am 

    - no you’re not 

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Sherlock seems so much nicer to John than House ever was to Wilson.

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W(at/il)son’s reaction to moving in with H(olmes/ouse). 

Mrs. Turner next door’s got married ones.

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my beloved sunny boys *_*

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"Or are we breaking up?" Sports Medicine (1x12)

House M.D. Rewatch

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