What’s beautiful is inside you. It’s your creativity. It’s your intelligence. Your empathy and your kindness to your fellow man. I could care less about being “pretty” or “perfect” and we should all ask ourselves why in our society that is the “highest” and most common compliment we are paying to our female friends.”

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So, as the title states, I am on an amazing Harry Potter RP and I need someone to take my man’s lover so I can get fun plots rolling. The basics I need in this character are:

  1. His name is Elias
  2. he’s 38 years old
  3. He was a Gryffindor in school, and is now an Auror
  4. He’s a werewolf
  5. He did…

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I just finished Fargo

and I am emotionally compromised. Lorne Malvo and Lester Nygaard Femslashes coming soon. 

May or may not include bear traps and salesman of the year trophies.


All that’s left is the ghost of you.

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URL Graphic - londoncrimes

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"Good morning, Sherlock."

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I would love it if they make Tony Stark make more movie references.

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Red is the sexiest color.

Happy Red Pants Monday 

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CSI Baker Street, yo

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Private Bainbridge

Also known as Dean Thomas from Gryffindor.

Also known as dAMN SON


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